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  • Karate e Relax winter session - 2 edition
    From 6 to 8 January 2012 II° "Karate & Relax - Winter Session"
  • World WKF Championship 2010
    The World Championships WKF 2010 close with a very positive budget.
  • V.S.F. - Very Special Friends
    In this section you will find the pictures of of Luca Valdesi's special friends...

Karate & Relax SS 2013


On 23 febrauary 2014 Luca Valdesi will held a stage at Macerata

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From 21 to 22 march 2014 Luca Valdesi will held a stage in Ucraina

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From 2 to 6 april 2014 Luca Valdesi will held a stage in Israel

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Black Belt Movie

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Luca Valdesi supports "The K Is On The Way"

European Karate Championship - Tenerife 2012 - II

This time I thought I had finished the adjectives. Luca Valdesi is simply indescribable. Luckily for me I came to the aid of a French collegue who descibed Luca Valdesi "STAGGERING".

Luca Valdesi imposed in the final his favourite kata. Unsu, powerful and squared, perfect into the speed changes, a perfect jump, a fire sight that incinerated his oppenent four flags to one.

Ladies and gentlemans Luca Valdesi, the kata man.

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I.K.A.E.F.S. Academy

The new academy created by Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccio is based on the idea of pull all the practitioners of Shotokan together within a single organization, and to assert their identity in relation to other styles.

The primary target of the Academy is to study and research, using the contributions of science, the "perfect style", that mix of tradition and innovation that will enable the improvement of KARATE in full respect of body end wellness.

Go to the I.K.A.E.F.S. site

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