The new Valdesi and Figuccio academy is born

On January 22, 2010 the International Karate Academy IKAEFS EducaFormSport will be presented.

The new academy created by Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccio is based on the idea of pull all
the practitioners of Shotokan together within a single organization, and to assert their identity in relation to other styles.

The primary target of the Academy is to study and research, using the contributions of science, the "perfect style", that mix of tradition and innovation that will enable the improvement of KARATE in full respect of body end wellness.

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The academy provides its members the most advanced training techniques, designed specifically to enhance the technical level in the shortest possible time.

All members will benefit from:

guidelines for the optimization of the training, with specific work programs for each technical level.

private and exclusive trainings

assistance to sports clubs through our partnership with CSEN and FILJKAM