Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccio starts the "Giro Nacional". The most important event for the Venezuelan karate, organized by Sensei Rodolfo Rodriguez national coach, it will be like a round for the best Venezuelan cities: Valencia, Puerto La Cruz (di cui vediamo una immagine), Caracas, Merida e Maracaibo.

The "National Tour" goes on for Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccio in an atmosphere of great respect and attention to the ideas and the technical work. The two I.K.A.E.F.S. teachers were pleasantly surprised by the high number of participants at each event organized by the Sensei Rodriguez, coordinator of the Academy for Venezuela.

Does not diminish with each passing day the enthusiasm that Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccioare facing in Venezuela. Continue to grow the number of participants in the events excited to see their favorite champions and enthusiasts about the quality of the proposed work, continues to grow the satisfaction of I.K.A.E.F.S. teachers for the professionalism, the willingness and desire to learn "new concepts without forgetting the traditions" of the students.

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