Karate 1 Premier League - Frankfurt

Two medals, two podiums. This is the spoils with which Lca Valdesi returned to Italy after participation in the German run of the WKF Karate 1 Premier League.

The competition proved to be just top-level because of the participation of all athletes most titled of the world who have used this round as the last test before the World Championships in Paris.

Whith this spirit, Luca Valdesi faced all the fight that separated him from the final, which took place after thirteen hours from the start of the competition, both kata individual and the team with  Vincenzo Figuccio and Lucio Maurino, winning team gold and an individual silver.

From this competition Luca has taken many opportunities to work towards the World Championship in November. His words after the competition: "Great sensations during the preliminaries, we can still improve and try to get the world championship to 100%. Two months there are so far ...".

See you in Paris.